I began making beads in 2006 and have been lucky to train with leading lampworkers Diana East, Sherry Bellamy, Pati Walton, Sarah Hornik and Kate Drew-Wilkinson.

To make lampwork beads I melt glass rods in a blow torch flame and wind the glass round a stainless steel mandrel. Then I add more colour using different glasses before slowly cooling the beads in my kiln. After the beads have cooled I remove them from the mandrels and clean them ready for you to use.

Lampworking is an ancient craft and there are a growing number of lampworkers in the UK becoming hooked on hot glass and making beautiful beads for you to use in your jewellery designs. Buying hand made glass beads mean that you will be using a small work of art in your designs. Glass beads should give you years of pleasure.

My beads have been kiln annealed to ensure that they have a long and happy life. But please take care with them. They will bounce but I recommend that you avoid dropping them on hard floors or standing on them. And please do not give them to small children.

I am a self representing artist and a member of Glass Bead Makers UK.