My beads are inspired by the range and depth of colours in our natural world; I am constantly surprised by the effect that early morning sun can have on a landscape or the changes in the colour of the sea as the day draws to a close. I work with small amounts of precious metals and use the reactions with the glass pigments to reflect these light changes.

You won't always see the metals in my glass but, like the changes through the day as the sun moves through the sky, you will see a range of colours and reactions which don't always reflect the colour of the glass rod which originally formed the bead.

I combine my beads with a range of silver, ceramic and semi-precious stones to make unique pieces of jewellery to be worn, loved and enjoyed. I hope that people enjoy wearing my jewellery as much as I enjoy making it.



2009 Reflections: Cooper Gallery, Barnsley

2010 Creative Christmas: Zest Gallery, London

2012 Winter Glasscapes: Zest Gallery, London



Red Hot Sal @ St Ives




 Bead Magazine, November 2008: "Murano Magic"

Bead Magazine, March 2010: "Inspirational Manzanar Beads"

Bead Magazine, March 2010: "Sarah Bedwell", profile


Lampwork Training

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